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Тут нет ничего интересного

суббота, 15 октября 2016 г.
Alios 15:05:11
Запись только для меня.
воскресенье, 26 мая 2013 г.
Alios 21:51:49
Запись только для меня.
Rainbow Dreams Alios 21:38:33

[Verse 1]

I'm closing my eyes, I'm falling asleep
My dreams are the same every night
The dark gloomy sky turns into light blue
The sun makes me blind
Bright colors around, the world's upside down
And I'm not afraid anymore
I'll spread out my wings and fly so high
As soon as I trot through the door

Though the real world tries to stop me
When my dreams are so fascinating
I don't wanna know if the time is gonna
Take its toll
('Cause there's a way over the rainbow)


There is a way over the rainbow
There is a way over the rainbow
The world that surrounds me is not what it seems
As long as I live my dreams

[Verse 2]

A nice little town
Hooves stomping the ground
And pegasi napping on trees
I'm bouncing on clouds
And flying around
Like in my wildest fantasies
Dragons and caves
An adventure awaits
How can I refuse to stay there?
In the world where friendship is the mightiest power
(Along with the Fluttershy's stare)

Just relax and take it slow
Watch all your worries fall far below
Let your mind flow in the evening breeze
And you will see
(There is a way over the rainbow!)


There is a way over the rainbow
There is a way over the rainbow
The world that surrounds me is not what it seems
As long as I live my dreams


Tell me why should I stay down there
'Cause I would rather fly into the open air
The world that surrounds me is not what it seems
As long as I live my dreams


I'll open my eyes, I'll watch the sunrise
The world's not as bad as it seems
As long as my rainbow shines for me
I still will live my dreams
Alios 21:35:43
Запись только для друзей.
Alios 21:25:41
Запись только для друзей.
Keep On Running Alios 21:19:48


It's 2AM or so
Everyone left you alone
You feel so bored and annoyed
Trying to relax but you just can't sleep
Crazy thoughts are buried in your mind so deep
What if this is it, your life's breakpoint?

Remember, while your heart is beating
Whenever you feel like you're bleeding
Every tragedy is so overstated
Don't worry, never ever be upset
Take a one-way road that lies ahead
Get up and run with me instead

Just keep on running
No matter what they say
And never turn back while the wind is blowing through your mane
Just keep on trotting
And leave your past behind
Embrace every moment, let the future be your guide
Just keep on running
Forget that you can't fly
Cause you don't need to now, you're just as free as pegasi
Just keep on trotting
No one can bring you down
One day your hooves will take you off the ground
Get up and run!


You're losing your own way
And fail to count your fails
Everything goes wrong like you have four left feet
Rewatching ponies fifty thousand times
Memorizing every single line
It just won't help you if you never try
Inspiration never ever comes to you
Imagination doesn't work, how to get through
Everypony knows what i'm singing bout
Forget it all, just move your feet
Come out and listen to this beat
Carry on the melody and sing it out!


Тут нет ничего интересного

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